A retired man from Sungai Petani, Kedah (a state in Malaysia).
One of our dedicated entrepreneurs.
He and his wife have been promoting and selling Primus Wellness

I asked him WHY did he choose us?

Reason 1: ” I buat sebab boleh bantu mereka yang sakit, kawan-kawan pun
suka produk moringa ini” (I want to help people improve their health;
and some of my friends like the moringa products too)

Reason 2: “Saya dan isteri dah retired dah. So sambil bantu orang, dapat
buat duit sikit, cukuplah”
(Me and wife have retired. So while helping people, we make little
money, that’s more than enough)

Reason 3: “I tahu usaha ni untuk bantu orang susah. Tak kisahlah bangsa
apa, kita tolong je”
(I know this is an effort to help people, no matter what the race is. I
don’t mind I just want to help”

Thank you Sham for joining hands with Primus Wellness to hit the Social
Impact we desire!

You are an inspiration.