Engaging with our Entrepreneur – Ms. Maruthayi

Spending time with Ms. Maruthayi. An inspirational women with so much strength #inspiration #socialimpact

I was not able to contact her. Decided to visit her near Pulau Carey where she lives with her husband and 9 children.

Me : Why didn’t answer my call ‘ka’? (sister in tamil)

She : I didn’t top up my phone. So sorry. And I am taking care of these 3 children ka. (While feeding a baby with milk bottle).

Me : Don’t tell me they are yours. (I joked)

She : Aiyo, no ‘ka’. I’m just babysitting for extra bucks. So can’t move anywhere now like before.

Me : How about your sales? Okay?

She : Moving ka. A bit slow because of the lockdown too. But I will come back!

Me : Understand. That’s why I like you Maruthayi. You are an Iron Lady. Stay as one. Do you need any other support for now? What do you want?

She : I know you and ‘anna’ (referring to Mr Gandhi from Vallalar Assoc) will guide my children with their education. Not worried about that. But I have a personal wish.

Me : What is it? (curiously I asked)

She : I love singing. I wished I could be a singer one day but I knew it would never materialise. Do you want to hear me singing?

Me : Pleaseeee....go ahead! And I will share it to the world.

She hugged me.

Sharing Maruthayi’s soulful singing.

Let’s not take life for granted.
To sing without soul is inexcusable.
Life is a song and let’s sing like Maruthayi!

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