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Many think helping the poor increases dependency and most of us blame the poor for their problems.

Some claim them to be:

  • Lazy
  • Unintelligent
  • Parasitic, etc

But this is not true all the time.

Primus Wellness is probably the only social enterprise that got activated during pandemic to support and help the financially vulnerable and poor to generate income in times of crisis.

Our work with women leading poor households find that most of these women are desperate to leave their surroundings to better their lives but not sure how.

We don’t believe in giving poor cash or other support without any strings attached. Our beneficiaries or micro enterpreneurs in particular women, youth and single mothers are guided, trained and mentored throughout to ensure they are able to generate income independently and strive for financial independence through entrepreneurship.

We are genuinely writing to you to request for any kind of support and contributions for this community venture.

It would be great if you can please share this to your circle of network, family and friends who wish to join hands with us to bring changes into the lives of others.

Kindly listen to the audio note shared by one of our beneficiaries, working in a factory, from Bukit Beruntung.


(Note: Audio in Tamil, was not scripted, edited or pre-set)


Just listen through your heart, and YOU will know why we want to do this more and more.

Primus Wellness Team

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