He Made It! We Made It!

Appanan, married with 5 children, residing in PPR Air Panas, KL was hit hard by the pandemic. He lost his source of income and was struggling to make ends meet. Pre pandemic, he was doing freelance electrical work in a small scale.

He has always wanted to open up a coconut water stall. But for him; this was impossible due to financial and resources constraints.

Through his cousin sister, he was introduced to the FORWARD HandHolding & Mentoring Programme by our Social Enterprise PRIMUS WELLNESS. A programme focusing on handholding and guiding the needy to generate income independently.

An enthusiastic learner with a charming personality, Appanan managed to grasp new ideas and realised hope is the last thing ever lost!

We are so proud and excited to announce that our entrepreneur Appanan has opened his coconut water stall near Taman Ehsan, Kepong! You can also purchase our moringa and other organic herbal products from his stall.

Sharing his location, pics and videos here. He needs support for the first 3 months at least to help him manage his initial cash flow.

It is just RM5 per packet of fresh coconut water. Let’s support him! And appreciate it if you can snap a pic of you visiting his stall and share it to us and within your social network to help him secure more customers.

We would like to thank MAGIC and Mr Linggam and his group of friends for making this possible for Appanan!

Stall operating hours: Tuesday – Sunday (10am – 7pm)

Truly a #KitaJagaKita spirit.
Let’s live up to this spirit.
Grab a packet of fresh coconut water now at Appanan’s stall!

Touching more lives,
A SocialEnterprise of Myskills