Ms. Divyashini


Sharing an inspiring story of our entrepreneur Ms. Divyashini

Q : How are you Ms. Divya?
A : I am great
Q : Can you share with me of your field of interest? and  how did you survive the pandemic?
A : I love making flower garlands. I was doing in a small scale from home. Business was not good during the pandemic. I faced lots of challenges and struggled to generate income. I was medically unfit and I almost gave up.
Q : Ok, having traveled as an entrepreneur of Primus Wellness for about 6 months, how did you benefit from it?
A : Oh yes! I thank Primus Wellness from the bottom of my heart because they helped me to successfully setup a flower stall in Chemur. I attended their programme called FORWARD and  they taught me on business strategies, communication skills,and many more. They will always guide and check on you to make sure you are okay. I like that.
Q : Great. Your parting words to aspiring entrepreneur out there?
A : Please don\’t give up in  life. We have to be always prepared to overcome challenges in our lives. Doing business it will definitely help you going. Don\’t ever lose your hope.

We don’t do business with companies. We do business with people.

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