Ms Mariamma

Our Entrepreneur Ms Mariamma Sharing Her Insights

First and foremost let me thank PRIMUS WELLNESS for teaching me how to develop my small business and sharing simple marketing techniques to progress further.

They provided me and other fellow entrepreneurs with a golden opportunity to participate in the training of Plastic Recycling & New Inventions few weeks ago. Thank you so much! It was an amazing experience for me. Infact I waited for such an unique session to upskill myself.

I believe there is a need to produce more socially and environmentally conscious products as more and more people demand change!

I am proud that I am now a part of this venture; thanks to Primus Wellness for making this possible. I know there is a long road ahead. Slowly but surely we will make it!

Our enterpreneurs Ms Mariamah (in black) and other entrepreneurs Ms Raksha and Ms Letchumi.


We would like to thank One Third for facilitating the training session and imparting their recycling knowledge to our women entrepreneurs.

We will continue to touch more lives through our products and services.

Thanks for supporting Primus Wellness, our social impact venture!