My name is P.M.Puspam. I am one of Primus Wellness entrepreneurs and been participating in their FORWARD Training Program. I am a Preschool teacher too. In 2003, I initiated my own preschool with 2 teachers in Taman Maju, Jasin,Melaka. At that point of time I had 30 students in my school but due to the pandemic, this number reduced to 19 and I faced financial difficulties to pay my teachers\’ salary, utility bills and rental. I was so down and almost gave up.

Thank god,my friend Ms. Veronica introduced Primus Wellness to me. I have benefitted from the program immensely and that inspired me to organize a training session for my friends in Melaka. Ms. Selvamalar and her team led the session and we were guided on ways to generate income, preparing for entrepreneurial activities and product knowledge.

I am glad that the session motivated me to push myself to generate more income.

I am thankful to Primus Wellness because I am improving on my marketing and communication skills. And I have roughly earned about RM1,000 within a month and am striving towards financial independence. I wish all the best to all other fellow entrepreneurs and keep it going!

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